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09-01-2015, 07:38 AM
B7 S4 with DTM kit (http://www.panjo.com/buy/b7-s4-with-dtm-kit-217199)

Lowered price, I want to see this go to a home soon :)

I am selling my B5 and B7 S4 as i just purchased an S3. I am going to assume you know everything about the car and that it has a nice sounding V8. If you have questions of course feel free to ask.

- 63k miles
- brand new ignition coils and spark plugs (note to everyone dont get them wet !)
- a rebuilt power steering column and endlinks were just installed a few weeks ago
- no problems with the car, what was wrong I just fixed, only problem is the brake pad light is on but they are fine I guess the sensor on the pad is broken

This car came with the following options
- Light silver metallic- ebony(black) interior (alcantera inserts)
- 6 speed manual
- audi navigation plus
- exterior sport package from quattro Gmbh
- Convenience package
- Homelink remote transmitter
- auto dimming interior mirror with compass
- auto dimming exterior mirrors
- memory for driver side seat adjustments
- memory for outside mirror positions
- rain and light sensor
- adaptive front lighting (headlights turn with steering wheel)
- Audio package
- bose premium sound system
- sirius satellite radio
- Leather Recaro seats (with Alcentara inserts)
Total invoice cost new was 55,845

In addition to this it has the following modifications
- JHM ECU tune, doesn't add much power up top but it does make it much more sporty in lower RPM's.

- The Navigation system is the next generation one, it has a better display, is faster and will allow you to use 32GB SD cards where the stock one only allows the old style 4GB ones which are difficult to find.

- it also has a Stasis catback exhaust and the cats removed which makes it sound far better than stock. Its fairly loud but on the highway its actually pretty quiet until you floor it. I also have the stock one and will put it back on the car if you prefer that. Sounds awesome in my opinion.

I am the 2nd owner, the previous owner was a doctor and I have all the service records from when she owned it. On the carfax it shows 3 owners but it seems she leased it for a year and then purchased it afterwards and for some reason that shows up as 2 owners. The paperwork proves that she was the first / second owner.

It also has the DTM / sport package so it has the nicer front / rear bumpers and a carbon fiber lip and spoiler which are both in good shape. This car is quite rare, and you will find very few in manual and with low miles.The interior is almost like from the factory, there are a few exterior minor paint nicks but that's to be expected.

The car has never been track driver or raced at all.

more pics / info please contact me

List Date: 9/1/2015
Location: Clarkston, MI, United States

For more info, click here to view the original listing: B7 S4 with DTM kit (http://www.panjo.com/buy/b7-s4-with-dtm-kit-217199)
This item is no longer available.

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http://imagecdn2.panjo.com/images/ec63bdcd-5080-41ab-a215-4b277eddc6c2.jpg (http://www.panjo.com/buy/b7-s4-with-dtm-kit-217199)
http://imagecdn2.panjo.com/images/a349ce7e-7862-40d3-ad0c-06c97ba50a9d.jpg (http://www.panjo.com/buy/b7-s4-with-dtm-kit-217199)

09-01-2015, 08:24 AM
Now that's a hot color combo [up][up] GLWS

09-10-2015, 02:08 PM
nobody interested ?

09-16-2015, 04:09 AM
I am open to offers :)

12-20-2015, 08:37 PM
What did it sell for?

12-21-2015, 08:26 AM
^ What he said!

01-28-2016, 07:48 PM
Hello. what did your DTM car sell for?