View Full Version : Swapping in a 30V

08-18-2015, 07:46 AM
I joined here because I am using a 30V 2.8 sourced from a 04' Passat along with it's ZF5HP19FL trans into a Nissan platform. This setup will be running a stand-alone ECU and a TCU. I'll be researching and asking questions here about the engine, as well as posting up maps from the stand-alone as there both tuned.


Chassis- 2002 Sentra SE-R Spec V
Engine- 2004 30V 2.8 (23K miles)
Trans- 2004 ZF5HP19FL
ECU- Spitronics Mercury ECU
TCU- Spitronics Mercury TCU
Rear Suspension- 94 Miata Rear Sub-Frame(housing the trans)

So yes, This is a RWD conversion Divorced setup using the drive-line I already have. Million reasons to choose a different car, or drive-line yes. But I'm using what I have to replace whats going bad. Any and all maps using the stand-alone ECU/TCU I can/will post given approval by this sites Admin's. Most of all parts minus ECU/TCU is already purchased and being modded for use. The ECU we are still going over details to use all factory sensor's/electronics such as the VVT and fly-by-wire systems. Enjoy the project!!

11-27-2015, 04:35 AM
Project not toltaly gone. New chassis though. Sold Sentra. Picked up low comp RX8, I plan on the 30V in there, adapted to RX8 trans. Still going to use Spitronics ECU. Mazda ECU will piggyback for clutster(and everything else in the car) control. Mazda TCU will keep up with Mazda Trans.