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08-16-2015, 06:14 PM
C4 Avant part out (1998, platinum interior) (http://www.panjo.com/buy/c4-avant-part-out-1998-platinum-interior-214869)

Decided to part out my C4. I got a couple bites selling the full car but to be honest it's a bit rough and it's not an easy sell. I bought a super clean meticulously maintained C4 Avant and will be taking some parts myself.

I prefer text since it's quick and easy.


Don't be bashful about making offers.

Front seats are very ripped, heating elements and all power motors work for both as well as driver's memory. Came without a radio headunit, everything else seems to be there. Climate controller has a crack in the screen, bulbs burned out in the instrument cluster, inner right tail light is cracked, right front turn signal busted, both front seat belts are gone, rear hatch trim gone, ski pass-through cover gone, most of the dome light switches and the sunroof dial panel are busted. One or two wood trim pieces busted, most engine covers are busted.

BUT many good parts still.

List Date: 8/17/2015

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This item is no longer available.

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