View Full Version : Any big turbo TT's out there??

10-04-2005, 01:55 AM
I am asking since I will be upgrading my rediculously slow (I bought it with a APR chip installed by previous owner,spikes at 15 psi......YAWN) TT FWD 180 coupe with a serious turbo upgrade....I am looking into a GT3076R,or a GT28RS,plus REVO big turbo software.......I will post updates and pics here to see the transformation of a TT from a "fun" car to a "scary" car.......I have talked to engineers at REVO and have software program to be installed as soon as APR encryption board is removed.......I cannot wait! It will be sweet to have a 13-possiblty 12 sec. Audi TT.........[:p]
If you have one (big turbo TT) please post some pics/and or experiences....I NEVER see any except for CRAZY ones from Europe........I am hoping to get a sweet little custom setup put together....wish me luck![tt]

10-04-2005, 02:20 AM
LobsTTer on Audiworld and Marcus3.2 are pretty crazy.

There are a few big turbo guys out there but LobsTTers car is a twin turbo HPA beast and Marcus has a big turbo 3.2.

I've got my car ripped apart for an aftermarket engine management system and I still don't know what turbo. I will probably not put it back togther until spring. Its gutted and its gonna be the track bitch.

10-05-2005, 03:36 AM
I have seen the black Canadian one,VR6 turbo,it is nuts!........I don't go on Audiworld much,so I have never seen the cars you have mentioned.Post some links or pics!
I have a turbo 16V Rado that I beat up at the track(12.72@116.5,1.98 60 ft.,so almost 11 sec. car with better launch)it runs full weight and LW/flywheel,6 puk and Peloquin,.....which is what I don't want to do to the TT yet,(the trans work) so I will be happy with a 13 sec. TT with open diff and 99% street duty.
The best thing I will like about this is the fact that I will be using factory ECU,and will have AC,idle regulation,knock sensors,close loop,etc....
Other turbo cars I have built with standalone run very smooth,but do not have idle speed regulation,and I run them open loop with no knock sensing,which makes for a consistent car at the track,and a great performer on the street,but I have to run conservative afr,and timing for extra safety on pump gas.
With OEM ECU you can run timing advance to knock threshold,and do it reliably.That is what I am looking forward to.......I have built 2 REVO big turbo VW's already and they run sweet,and with the GT28RS,they roast the tires and burn out the stock small dual mass clutch setup in no time......so have fun with your setup.........what management are you using?

10-05-2005, 04:06 PM
I am planning on the 034 EFI IIc unit but there are so many options, I'm waiting until I am ready to put it in before I buy so other people can do the experimenting for me.

There are quite a few people running it now so there are alot of good places to get maps from for it. I am looking forward to getting to screw with the thing. Hopefully, fingers very crossed, I will have my car out at the next big socaleuro GTG. Its not very likely due to time and money constraints though.

I need to hurry up and find some time to get the engine out of the thing so that I can bring the body to have the roll cage welded in. Work is so hellish lately that I barely have time to get down to my parents house where I have the car garaged to wrench on it.

Its funny, my parents were planning on reclaiming my room a few years ago when I moved out but now its filled with interior parts and things out of my car.

I've already got an uprated clutch and lighter flywheel in the car but I'd like to upgrade the engine internals. I've never done it myself before so it should be an interesting, though costly, learning experience. Hopefully I will find the reason for my slightly lower compression on cylinder 2 while I'm in there.

I'm actually at work right now so I cn't search for too much about LobsTTer's car but check this out