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07-27-2015, 10:38 AM
Hello to all! I own a 2001 2.8 A4 that has not been in commission for 2 years now due to a transmission issue, I believe its the torque converter. Either way. My uncle just randomly gave me his 1990 4Runner with 277,XXX miles on it for FREE! I want to put my sound system into the 4Runner and was curious if i was able to use the 4 door BOSE speakers and put them into the 4Runner. There is an aftermarket head unit in the 4Runner, I believe its alpine. I want to hook up my kicker subs but the stock speakers are complete poop. So this would be great if I could. Im also not talking about size, I understand that i would have to make them fit. I just didnt know if electronically speaking they would work in theory. THANKS! [>_<]

07-27-2015, 11:04 AM
The Bose "magic" is really not in the speakers. Instead it's in the signal processing from the amp that is part of the system. I'm pretty sure they're 4 ohm and can handle the 20W RMS typical of aftermarket head units. I don't know how much improvement you'll see.

07-27-2015, 11:56 AM
Bose is just all about hype and name. It is no better than Hertz, Rainbow, Focal or MB Quart speakers. You might have heard this before- 'no highs, no lows it must be bose'. The thing is bose has done well convincing people that they are the top of the line in quality when that is really not the case..

This said, you can get a good set of aftermarket speakers and an amp to pair it with the alpine head which will sound a lot better than those old bose in your B5..

07-27-2015, 02:57 PM
Yea I somewhat understand. There is no way they could sound worse than my stock speakers in a 1990 though right? And if im hooking my amp up with my subwoofer wouldnt that allow the bose to sound just as good as they did in my audi?

07-27-2015, 03:57 PM
You will devalue whatever is left of your A4 by ripping up the doors to remove the speakers. It will just be a parts car after that. No longer a car that "just needs a torque converter". It's not worth the extra work or lost value.

Also, with an aftermarket head unit and some "kicker subs" I'm quite certain you'll blow the Bose paper cone speakers in about a week anyway. Save yourself some trouble and spend 40 bucks on some decent speakers from ebay or craigslist or something.

Also: you need to 5MT swap that A4, like...right meow.