View Full Version : Wanted: Forged rods, stroker pistons, fuel rail, EV14 750cc, TB, etc

07-25-2015, 02:49 AM

I'm looking for components for my 3.0 stroker build.

Forged rods, stroker pistons (8,5 or 9,0), fuel rail kit for RS4 IM, RS4 IM, EV14 750cc injectors, HEMI TB. I am also interested in an Aquamist meth kit (HFS3 or HFS4).

I am also interested in stiffer motor and transmission mounts should anyone have them (for example Stern). Should not be track density. Also looking for a snub mount and differential mount/bushings.

This one is an even longer shot, but should anyone have the JHM trio package or any of its components, I am definitely interested.

Please PM me, if you have anything of the above. Thanks in advance.