View Full Version : Wanted: WTB B7 RS4 Sedan Only

07-24-2015, 10:33 PM
Ive been looking to buy an RS4 for what feels like forever now, although I am pretty picky. My ideal car would be a 2008 rs4 with the PYP exclusive package, any color, relatively low miles (under 60k). I do realize that combo is extremely hard to find as I've been looking for months. But, if anyone is selling or knows of someone else selling a B7 rs4, any color, black or red interior, under 60k miles it would be greatly appreciated if you let me know! This is my dream car and i have many plans for her already in my mind. I live in Washington State (Seattle Area) but i am not apposed to shipping a car at all. PM or email me any time. Thanks a lot!