View Full Version : Can't clear key codes - Control module locked?

07-18-2015, 03:53 PM
I have a 1999.5 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8T AEB. Recently purchased and I replaced the central vacuum lock pump. I'm trying to reprogram my key fobs but I've been running into issues, I have full VCDS. So I got to [35 - Cent. Locking], then [Adaptation - 10], enter channel 00, read, and save to clear all the remotes. Works fine. Then I try to enter channel 01 and 21, get an error that they're not available. If I go to [Meas. Blocks - 08] and enter group 003, I see that both keys are still shown in field 2 (0011). No matter what I try this won't clear. When I try to change the coding in [Recode - 07] it doesn't work either. I'm starting to think perhaps it's locked and I need to log in with the correct WorkShop Code. The default one in the Options screen is 00000 but that code won't let me log in. The one that was in the coding when I received the car was 06335 which also doesn't allow me to log in. Looking through the paperwork left by the previous two owners, I see that the ignition switch was replaced in 2007, could this be related? I've attached a picture of the work order below. Anyone have any idea how I can reprogram these keys? I can't insert them into the driver's door lock cylinder as it was badly damaged during a break in attempt when the car was with the previous owner. I plan on replacing that next week though. Thanks.


07-18-2015, 07:26 PM
I've never had any trouble like you describe. I usually have trouble when adding keys (and end up clearing them out to start fresh), but then everything seems to work ok.

Ignition switch replacement is not related.

Drivers lock cylinder does not really need to turn for the manual adaptation. You merely need to get switch circuit to close somehow. You could do that in the door harness connector or at the locking module. Basically "simulating" an actual turn of the door key cylinder, but without actually doing that. But if you're fixing it soon, maybe just wait and see if that does the trick. Good Luck.