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07-14-2015, 07:55 AM
This car will go to a true enthusiast who actually knows what this car is worth. There's probably a handful of wagons in Canada and probably 2 that are manual.

Here's some background on the car. It is a CALIFORNIA CAR - which means absolutely no rust. The body is 9/10 and the interior is 7/10.

I just changed the timing belt, water pump and thermostat last week. Along with 3 control arms. Will pass safety and emissions 100%

This car has a FRESH set of BW K04's with less than 7k on them. Also has a fresh RS4 clutch put in with a Stage 3- tune on it (no fueling or intercoolers, but has a 5 bar fuel pressure regulator) with absolutely no codes.

Brand new brake pads and rotors front and back!

275K on the motor and tranny. There isn't a single grind in the tranny and the motor is flawless. Doesn't burn or leak oil. You can probably eat off of the oil pan.

I am in absolutely no rush to sell this car, and don't want to deal with low ballers.

My price is $10,900

Money talks boys. Come get it.


Please don't contact me with spam.

Pics can be seen at


07-14-2015, 09:23 AM
Best of luck with the sale.

I spotted it yesterday while doing my usual Kijiji trawl.

You shouldn't be too opposed to shipping you know. I live in Calgary, and bought my Stage 3 S4 out of GTA. It was a simple process of the seller driving the car to the rail yard, after which I looked after the rest. It was $920 fully insured to have it dropped off here in town.

07-14-2015, 09:31 AM
Thanks man! I didn't mean it like that, just scared to do all this PayPal stuff, getting solicited left right and center, it's so annoying

07-14-2015, 09:36 AM
Understandable. It takes a bit of figuring our alright.

07-16-2015, 07:09 AM
Don't worry about paypal, if the buyer is in Canada he can go to his bank and wire the funds to you directly is cheap, fast and safe. Once the cash in your account you ship the car.

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07-16-2015, 07:46 AM
Funny, a guy from Calgary just contacted me.. Let's see how this goes

07-17-2015, 07:13 AM
I suggest the following to you/him:

Use Hansen's car freight, they were fantastic! Could not have been more helpful - https://www.lhf.com/

The way I did it was as follows:

Agreed to buy the car -
I sent 4 Interac transfers over the days leading up to the shipping date
1st Interac was a $500 deposit with password for immediate deposit into the seller's account - just to show there was a level of trust.
The next 3 were large sums, to which he would receive the password upon leaving the car with Hansons Freight, and upon my receipt of the shipping slip.

I called Hansen's to confirm the car was there, and he also sent me a photo of the shipping manifest. I sent him the password and the money was his.
Bill of sale and ownership documents were in the car, verified by Hansen's as part of their shipping practices.

Online updates as to the car's progress - it took 2 weeks to get here, and all it needed was a wash.

It was a success.

So Calgary eh......hmmmm.....give me a name!

07-21-2015, 07:36 AM
Price drop! $10,900.. Would like to get 10k at the end of the day