View Full Version : Top Gear.Co UK B8 Turbo Back Full Exhaust Dual Single Outlet

07-08-2015, 10:41 AM
This Exhaust was installed a few weeks ago on My 2012 Moonlight Blue Premium Plus A4. Top Gear.co UK is the Seller. The system was listed on Ebay For a Great Deal and included a 200 Cell HFC. I researched for many weeks, watching videos from all the usual suspects and after finding out Stasis was no longer in Business I was pretty Bummed out. Unlike Most I really didn't want a Quad Tip Set up. The Stasis Dual Single Outlet system Sounded amazing and retained a almost stock Tone IMO.

Although the Seller had NO Videos or Sound Files I could Listen I took a Gamble and Scoffed it up. The system arrived in 3 sections in 2 or three days. Packing was very good coming from across the pond. It wasn't until My Installer Phoned(Factory Audi Tech) that the euphoria Tanked. All Had gone perfect UNTIL the Tech Tried to Install the Y Section that lead to Mufflers. When The Mufflers where in Place The Y Section Went past the point of connection at least 4-7 Inches!!

Now My car is a CPO Car purchased with 33K just in May, Needless to say the Wife wasn't too Happy after Spending 26K on a "New" Car only To Rip Out factory exhaust and Upgrade. So far the seamless transition wasn't going so well and boy did I get Grief! .

After contacting the Boys at Top Gear.co UK , They admitted they had one other issue with an American Spec Vehicle. I was a annoyed but they made Good in the end. Apparently and maybe someone could confirm but apparently The USA B8 A4 Sedan Platform is Shorter and its UK/Euro Brother. I had no Choice but to bring the Car to an Exhaust Specialist to FIX the Problem. This cost me a day off work and after Emailing my plight to Top Gun They agreed to Pay the Full Price for fabrication. To there credit they were very easy to deal with and now after the stumbles the Car Sounds Amazing.

Its also kind of cool To probably have 1 of 2 Systems in the Entire USA .

The TOP Gear. CO UK boys are a complete Tuning Shop as well, offering ECU Remapping as they refer to it. I have ordered a Flashing Unit they offer. They are priced very comparable to Stateside Generic Flashes. I will report back as I have not received item yet.

Here Is Video of Exhaust Enjoy