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05-14-2015, 06:01 PM
So it's been 7 months since I purchased the Audi RS5. Loved every bit of it. But stock look got me bored and some gifts were pending on people that they had to give me. So I made them pay for all this.

Thoughts, recommendations would be appreciated.

So Rohana were the only decent company I could find in my price budget. I know some people say they are vossens replica but who cares they look stick. And they are much more concave then vossens anyways. And I've had vossen in my previous two cars. So went with Rohana this time.

Rohana RF2 in Gloss Red.
20x9" front.
20x11" Rear.

The guy at N4SM (Mike) was really helpful in getting details and giving out best price on them.

On the tires.
I will stick to stock 270/30/20 Pirelli.
Will be only ordering Pirelli 285/30/20 for the rears.

Thinking about lowering it with H&R sports springs.

The parts are gonna be here somewhere next week hopefully. So will update you all with the pictures.

So see ya guys later.


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