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05-01-2015, 06:58 AM
I'm pretty sure I'm going to be moving up soon, so wanted to go ahead and check for interest here.

2006 Audi S4 25 Quattro #157 of 250
74k miles

The car is daily driven, but my round trip ride to work is 8 miles, thus keeping the mileage very low for a 2006 car. I purchased it from a cardiologist in Melbourne, FL 8/2013 with 61k miles on it. I had the Melbourne Audi dealer inspect the car before buying and the only issue they noted was an upcoming brake replacement. The car was in Winter Park, FL prior to that and has been a FL car for it's entire life prior to me. The car just hit 74k miles and will go up slightly with the work commute.

Recent maintenance...

Air Filter
Cabin Filter
Fuel Filter
Oil change (I've run Mobil 1 0w40 and OEM Audi filter since purchase)
Brake replacement (Stop-Tech Cross-drilled f/r, Stop-Tech pads, Stop-Tech synthetic fluid)
Note...was going to replace spark plugs and purchased them, but noticed they had been done just before me buying the car, so I still have a set of 8 ready for when needed.

Items not stock...
PO replaced the Audi RNS-E with the Dynavin unit that everyone uses due to some bad pixels on the factory unit.
Audi sport OEM All-Weather mats

I haven't had any issues since owning the car. I asked the previous owner about cold start, oil consumption, and chain rattle issues and he told me what I will tell you...a small amount of oil consumption between oil changes and that is all I've experienced as well.

The car does have a few small nicks on the front as you'd expect with a 2006 model. The front lip has a small amount of peeling. The interior is almost perfect. Small amount of wear on the drivers seat. Rears look like they've never been sat in. Small creak under the driver side dash that I suspect is a loose screw somewhere. Only hear it when taking off under torque.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that should give you an idea of the car.

I'm having nice pics shot hopefully this weekend.

Car is located in Wilmington, NC.

email me if interested...