View Full Version : transmission not cooling down?

04-27-2015, 08:36 PM
I plugged my vagcom today after the dealer changed my transmission fluid and driving 20mins from the dealer to home, I found out my temperature was at 88C. That's almost 40 hotter than its limits. That's like 190F when it's suppose to be 120F. Anyways I didn't have any shifting problems, I check the hose by the radiator and the hose had kind clearish but still yellowish fluid. I know for a fact the pump is working, because weeks ago it was squirting fluid out of the hose. That's why I had taken it to the dealer.

It didn't look temperature was slowing down at all. The radiator is brand new too btw. The coolant temp is around 98C gets to 101C then the fans turn on. And it goes back down. I know the eperating temperature is between 20-50C cause it says on the transmission oil pan.

There is something In the codes that say mil active, and I rossteched it. It told me to check transmission for faults. But there are no faults. How could the transmission get this hot even if let's say it was a computer problem... How can it if the fluid is moving through, and it moves quick btw, it can shoot 2 feet ahead out of the front of the car :/