View Full Version : 06 audi a4 3.2 avant electrical confusion

04-14-2015, 07:11 AM
I just bought an 06 a4 avant for work. The car runs and drives great and it only had 42000 on it when i got it.
The other day was a particularly cold morning (coldest since i got the car) and when i started the car, the check engine light came on. I checked the code and it was the map sensor. I tested it and found absolutely no problem with it. I also found that the person who changed the air filter last just kind of threw the box in there so it was able to move around, so i figured my "spirited" driving may have just knocked things around and made the code come up.

Now, here is the confusion:
Things were great for another 200 miles, then i noticed that when i take a hard right, the light on the dash signaling that my parking break comes on until i take a hard left, then it stops. I get home and park the car, and when i go out for another spin, the check engine light had come on and thrown up the same code as before. so i check the connection and assume that the sensor is fine, so i clear the code and when i do, the brake light problem goes away.
Now im confused (remember, im writing this after the fact, so at this point in the story, i havent connected any dots or anything). So i drive it and another eighty miles or so, i get the break light again, i park it for one reason or another, and when i start it back up, the check engine light is on again with the same code. So, being lazy, i kept resetting the code and driving it, and this same pattern happens every 50 to 200 miles.

i know that it shouldnt be related and that is what i tell myself. but today, i tested that sensor, and found no issue, i even did a pressure test to check for leaks in the lines.

Could this be due to loose wiring at the ecm/ecu? bad ground perhaps? any help would be helpful