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04-10-2015, 10:56 AM
So I am looking at used, higher mileage (80-100k miles), Q5's, with the 3.2, and trying to gauge what kind of issues I will be looking at.

So far, and by no means am I saying all engines will have this, but from what I have read..

Carbon buildup on intake valves
Carbon buildup secondary air valves and/or EGR
cam follower
HFPF--seems to only be an issue if cam follower has not been replaced?
timing chain cover gasket leak
timing chain tensioners (upper/lower)
clogged injectors

How prevalent are these items? I'm looking at Q5's with around 80k-100k, any thoughts on what I am likely to run into? Obviously a lot depends on the maintenance done, and I will do my best to get as much maintenance info as possible on the ones I look at, but I guess what I am getting at is----are there any of these items (or more) that are just going to happen no matter what, given enough mileage?


04-11-2015, 06:28 PM
I haven't seen any 3.2's with the cam follower or HPFP damaged. Granted, I work at the dealership so I don't see a great deal of high mileage cars. Carbon buildup on the intake valves and the secondary air ports are both inevitable. Secondary air port cleaning has a warranty extension to 120k miles, but the ECM has to actually set specific faults before it's covered. I also haven't seen any Q5's leaking oil at the timing chain covers, but lots of A6's seem to. The upper covers will start leaking first but those are easy and relatively inexpensive to repair. The main, lower cover is the one you want to worry about because the engine has to be removed to fix it. The only other semi-common thing I've seen on these is the fuel pump flange cracking, and unfortunately you can't buy the flange by itself (at the dealer, anyway) and the whole fuel pump has to be replaced.

Owning an older or high mileage Audi is expensive, period. Be prepared to spend $1k-3k a year for maintenance and repairs. I don't know the statistical average or anything but based on my experience that is what I would guess. If you're ok with all that and love the way it drives then it will be worth it. Good luck.

04-12-2015, 07:34 AM
Exactly the kind of info I was looking for, thanks so much! I too was not sure if the leaking timing chain covers affected Q5s, I had only read about with the A6, but wanted to check. I had been checking different parts of the site with cars I knew ran that engine to see what I could see. Did not know about the fuel pump flange, good info. Also didn't know they extended the warranty on the secondary air ports, also good info. That was my biggest concern, because from what I had read, you had to pull the engine to properly clean the ports. (is that correct?) I no longer have a engine hoist or stand, so that would be difficult.

I would be prepared for most of the issues I could run into. Cleaning the intake valves doesn't appear to be that bad, upper timing chain covers and upper tensioners also appear to be fairly easy.

As far as the HFPF, I only mentioned it because of posts where I had read folks basically saying to change the follower on some sort of schedule, will prevent damage to the cams and HFPF. Sounds similar to the original 2.0 FSI engine.

With the CC, we got that with 64K, and now have 86K, and (knock on wood) so far not too bad. Front wheel bearings, struts and shocks, brake pads, DSG fluid and filter, brake fluid and coolant flush. Gearing up to pull the intake and clean the intake valves, and I think I will go ahead and replace the timing chain tensioner. From what I have read, the tensioner failures seem to mostly affect just Tiguans, but I would rather NOT find out the hard way!

04-12-2015, 09:02 AM
If you're a solid DIY'er you shouldn't have too many problems taking care of a Q5. The engine had to be removed to clean secondary air ports but there is a revised method now that involves a pressure washer and several special adapters to clean the ports with about 100 gallons of water. It's possible to do it yourself but you'd be looking at $5k just to get the tools. I haven't done one of these outside the warranty extension yet but I would estimate it costing about $1500-1750 to have done at the dealership.

As for the HPFP, to my knowledge this problem only affected the old 2.0t engines but I suppose anything is possible. When you remove the intake to clean the intake valves it's pretty easy to pull the HPFP and replace the follower for good measure.

04-12-2015, 07:46 PM
Awesome, again great info. Sounds like either pulling the motor, or paying the dealer is the cheapest options. Obviously having it happen before 120K would be the best! I consider myself a pretty solid DIY'er, something's I'm pretty good at, some areas where I don't have experience, not so much. But I enjoy learning, and I have always felt with the proper tools, good info, and TIME, I can accomplish just about anything. (in other words, sometimes I am kinda slow at getting it done, but I eventually get there)

On the HFPF...maybe I was looking at the wrong thing, could have swore I was reading a thread about the 3.2, but maybe not...stranger things have happened.

Don't know if these links will work, but here are some pics of a bottom end rebuild I did on a Toyota 3VZE, as well as various other things.