View Full Version : 99 A4 Quattro 2.8 won't move

03-26-2015, 05:29 PM
Hey all,

New to this forum but hoping someone can help me, if you make it through the long post. :)

A little back story: bought a 99 Audi a4 quattro last fall for $300. Body was in good condition and the interior was nice (other than split leather seat bottoms in the front). Previous owner sold so cheap because the car had been sitting, wouldn't start and he couldn't even guarantee the engine wasn't seized.

I work on all my cars myself and have done a lot with VWs so the Audi wasn't too much of a stretch. Repaired the starter, then found the alternator was seized. Took care of that and she fired right up. Replaced the timing belt, water pump, and related components. Engine runs great.

Here's the problem: this was a side project done over many months, so the car became snowed in this winter. Not my smartest move, but in the meantime (before ever driving it) I replaced the control arms, struts, wheel bearings, brakes, tires etc while it was still stuck inside.

Went to finally pull it out today annnnnd it won't move. Well, it moves a few feet and then just revs. (Automatic tiptronic). When I bought the car I noticed the transmission pan was dented but didn't appear to be leaking. I replaced the filter, pan, and fluid using the proper fluid and fill procedure with vag-com.

Checked out all the CVs tonight... Seem to be fine. With the car off the ground if I turn either of the back wheels the center driveshaft going from the rear to front does spin. Should this be locked with car in park or only front wheels? Even with the car off the ground the wheels will turn for a while, then all the sudden nothing, like something disengages. Just revs. Bad trans? Was hoping for any insights from more experienced with the awd quattro. Thanks!

03-26-2015, 06:22 PM
sounds to me like the transmission isnt engaging, i have a 1.8T a4 that has a fried tranny and it sounds like the same issue, i would recommend checking the amount of fluid if u can pull the plug and have no leak then theres not enough fluid in the transmission. my a4 runs perfectly fine, just wont move, so it seems like the same issue

04-24-2015, 09:57 AM
After all that, it did end up being low on transmission fluid. It would drip out when checking/filling, but ended up taking a decent amount more before it was flowing out at the same rate I was pumping it in. Lesson learned... drives and shifts fine now. Thanks for the response!