View Full Version : no heat / overheating right after installing new k03 and fmic

03-21-2015, 02:50 PM
2001 a4 1.8t, prior to installing a new k03 and fmic my temperatures and heat were fine.. after installing temps are going H while cruising, idling it does go past halfway but not to the H.. Trying to figure it out I've flushed the heater core, minimal debris in there, put in a new thermostat and ect sensor, tried bleeding through the heatercore line bleed hole with the car off, steady stream flowing through it and then closed it with the expansion tank raised up.. let it idle with tank raised up and tried bleeding while idling.. still having the same issues with overheating while cruising and lack of heat.. My lower radiator hose only gets warm. I've even tried removing the thermostat and running without one, same thing problems. Do I have a blockage somewhere or something? I can't imagine that coincidentally immediately after installing a new turbo and fmic my water pump shit the bed. Any help appreciated thanks.

03-22-2015, 08:00 AM
water pump did shit the bed, pulled thermo and felt moving parts inside where the impeller should be 1 solid piece... new all metal impeller pump along with gates racing timing belt kit an gaskets on the way... shit