View Full Version : P0010 CEL code, car runs fine

03-18-2015, 04:24 PM
Hi guys,
So unfortunately I have to sell my B5 already because of a job opportunity. It was a short lived but joyful ride. But I have a CEL with a code P0010, "Camshaft Position Actuator ABank-1 Circuit Open" but the car runs perfectly fine. I recently fixed the EPC problem with crank pos sensor, and the CEL came up while I was having that problem and it wont go away. First thing I did was change the cam pos sensor. I dont usually shotgun parts, but the jack on the sensor was damaged so I thought that would be a fix, but no, the code diddnt clear. Doesnt seem to matter whether the plug is on or off of the cam sensor, the car will still run. Put a multimeter to the plug with the key turned to ACC and noticed 5VDC at the left pin, 0 in the middle, and 12 on the right. Same with the cam solenoid on the back of the valve cover, motor runs normally without it plugged, and with battery power (ACC) I get 5VDC on the left pin, and 12 on the right. But that doesnt seem right to me. Shouldnt I be receiving 0 volts on the pin opposite the one being juiced with 12 volts? That solenoid must have a ground right? Is it normal for this thing to have 5 volts on its ground or is that not a ground? There are only two pins in the plug for that solenoid.