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02-28-2015, 08:41 AM
c5 4.2 front bumper (http://www.panjo.com/buy/c5-4-2-front-bumper-184829?utm_source=audizine&utm_medium=bbcode&utm_campaign=auto_thread&utm_content=title)

I have a complete 2000 c5 a6 4.2 v8 front bumper. I'd like to sell it complete as possible, but willing to sell parts off of it if need be

It is fairly clean with a slight crack underneath that is not noticeable once installed.
It is dirty in the pics, sorry it'd been 5 degrees for weeks and I have no way to clean it up yet. Pm for pics

Price is slightly neg. Offers picked up welcome :)

List Date: 2/28/2015

For more info, click here to view the original listing: c5 4.2 front bumper (http://www.panjo.com/buy/c5-4-2-front-bumper-184829?utm_source=audizine&utm_medium=bbcode&utm_campaign=auto_thread&utm_content=title)
This item is no longer available.

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http://imagecdn2.panjo.com/images/VxtUCraWEA7W.jpg (http://www.panjo.com/buy/c5-4-2-front-bumper-184829?utm_source=audizine&utm_medium=bbcode&utm_campaign=auto_thread&utm_content=image)

03-03-2015, 05:32 AM
Shoot me some offers! BO need it gone its taking up space!

04-29-2015, 11:21 PM