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02-22-2015, 10:23 PM
Massive build b5 s4 partout (http://www.panjo.com/buy/massive-build-b5-s4-partout-183695)

ARD full vband gtx2867 twin turbo kit
asking $6,000 Paid much more
Will include all brand new:
x2 brand new Garrett GTX2867 turbo's
x2 Tial 0.64 vband turbine housings-- black ceramic coated
x2 Tial 38mm MV-S wastegates-- anodized red and come with all springs from Tial
x2 ARD 3" v-band downpipes--- black ceramic coated
x2 ARD tubular header exhaust manifolds (full v-band)
x2 ARD wastgate dump tubes

3. Integrated Engineering rods- $500

4. Custom made JE pistons. $1,000 FIRM!

5. 3L crankshaft from a b6 a4-- $250 FIRM

6. CAT billet 264/250 camshafts for the 2.7t
$1,200 FIRM

7. BF Block with 3L machine work --$2,000

8. 034 full iic standalone kit for the 2.7t platform-- Asking $2,250

9. Custom 2 in 1 out vibrant 800hp intercooler- $500

10. ATI b5 s4 dual steering column gauge pod -- $100 cash FIRM

11. Depo smoke and clear tail lights no longer made-- $100 cash
some minor damage

12. depo black ecode headlights with RFB hid kit for b5's-- $125 cash FIRM

13.(red) x2 Tial MV-S 38mm wastegates-- $250 a piece or $500 for both FIRM

14.(red) x2 Fuel Lab 75 micron -an fitting fuel filters-- $100 a piece or $300 for all 3

15. (red) x1 Tial Q 50mm blow off valve- $200 cash FIRM

16. (red) x1 Fuel lab adjustable external FPR fuel pressure regulator kit- $200 cash

17. powder coated anodized red early b5 s4 intake manifold- $150 cash FIRM

18. Custom tapped valve covers and block breather with -
block breather . $250 cash firm.

19. Powder coated upper oil pan-- $200 OBO (anodized red)

20. powder coated anodized red lower oil pan- $200 OBO

21. custom s4 engraved and color matched analog gauges EGT, Oil PSI -- $100 FIRM

22. Powder coated Enkei RPF01's with Nitto NT-05 tires-- $1,500 FIRM

23. The driveshaft shop rear axle upgrade set brand new.
$500 cash FIRM!

25. Eurospec main girdle
$350 cash Firm

26. CNC ported 2.8L heads- $1500 CASH FIRM

27. Full supertech valvetrain - $1,500 OBO

28. overbore head gaskets from 034 -- $50

29. 2 big rolls of DEI exhaust wrap,
4 big rolls of dei reflective wrap,
2 cans of dei silicone thermal spray
$200 cash OBO

30. 2 big rolls of 3m Flat black vinyl
enough for 2 roofs or other panels of a car. $50 a piece or $100 for both

31.1 stock APB short block -- $350 with all the internals
I can add more accessories for a little more.

32. 1 stock early 00 audi s4 cluster. $200 OBO

33. 4 black good condition door cards-- $200 OBO

34. 1 rear diff in awesome shape - $100 cash FIRM

35. 01E stripped to pieces $250 cash FIRM.

36. 1 headliner-- $100 OBO

37. a,b,c pillars-- $100 OBO

38. clean carpet-- $100 OBO

39. 1 sunroof assembly-- $100 OBO

40. Engine accessories, timing components, a/c components, sensors-- make offers

41. body panels in silvers-- front fenders $200, 1 rear bumper $200, side skirts- $150

42. rear speaker deck $100 OBO

43. symphony radio no code $100 OBO

45. ABS pump $100 FIRM

46. ABS WSS - $50 a corner FIRM

47. side mirror assemblies $100

48. HVAC unit $100

49. stock front, center, and rear diff's $100 a piece

50. stock driveshaft with good center support bearing- $100 FIRM

53. Powder coated timing covers -- $100

54. powder coated engine mount brackets-- $100

55. podercoated transmission output shield-- $50

I also have a whole slew of OEM factory gaskets and timing components.

Oil pump
TB pulley cog
timing roller
VC gaskets
x2 front main gasket
front main crank seal
rear main flange and seal
rear main gasket
x4 oem silicone bottles
water pump gasket
cam plugs
cam seals
overbore headgaskets
throttle body gasket
intake manifold gaskets
exhaust manifold gaskets
cam tensioner gaskets
block breather gasket
oil pan bolts
crank bolt
x2 new powder coated cam pulleys
powder coated timing covers
new powder coated aluminum t-stat housing
oil level sensor oring
new oem 87d thermostat
new oem thermostat o-ring
034 aux pump delete
IE cam chain tensioners x2
2.8l cams in rough shape still might be useable
new IE cam chains
A lot of used stock parts

List Date: 2/23/2015
Location: Dana Point, CA, United States

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Massive build b5 s4 partout (http://www.panjo.com/buy/massive-build-b5-s4-partout-183695)
This item is no longer available.

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02-23-2015, 04:19 PM
why ?

02-23-2015, 04:53 PM
IE Rods come with hardware?
Got the bearings laying around?

04-15-2015, 08:13 AM
local pickup only???? need thermostat housing timing covers.....possibly others too