View Full Version : Any reason for concern? take 2

02-22-2015, 09:26 AM
Double checkin im in the right thread, and go

Car: B5, A5, 2.8L, 5speed

Background: Car has been fine since clutch change, I go fast every so often. Yesterday, I pushed the car to the max to beat a different Audi (I won)
-will start another thread on this topic soon enough
-go home, all is well

Start car:
-start engine hear ticking, a contant " tick tick tick tick tick" one for each second (I used a stopwatch)
-ticking doesnt stop, can hear it slightly while inside cabin

Situation: As of 30 minutes ago, I turn on my car to let it run while I clean off the snow, I move the car forward, and in its old place, I see drops of yellow (coolant)
-ok, I had my water pump+timing belt changed last year, what gives?
-look where its dripping from, it seems to be the exhaust line (not sure) its near the cat

I take it for a drive to warm it up, I get back to the driveway, look under the car, and there is no coolant dripping, but the ticking pursues.

Any reason to be concerned here? Im about to go and check under the car for any dripping as soon as i post this as well