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01-23-2015, 01:10 PM
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If you spend time and money renewing your brake hardware and linings, you ought to consider upgrading to ECS Tuning Exact Fit brake hoses, and do the job right. These premium brake hoses are stronger, more durable, and better protected than the originals.

They are shielded in stainless steel mesh reinforcement, and coated with bright red vinyl for added protection. Available in various sets, our tailored hoses come with OE attachment fittings and sealing washers.

Finish the job: use ECS Exact Fit Brake Hoses.

Improve Your Brake Performance!

Click HERE to order or for more information (http://www.ecstuning.com/News/Audi_B8_RS5_ECS_Tuning_Exact_Fit_Stainless_Steel_B rake_Lines_2013_2014/?salesrep=JMarusic&utm_source=fourtitude&utm_medium=forum&utm_content=JMarusic&utm_campaign=newpost)
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Audi B8 RS5 (2013-2014)

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