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09-07-2005, 01:55 PM
I NEED to see pics of 96 audi a4 2.8 vaccum lines that feeds to all cylinders im trying to do the seafoam thing and inmy hanes manual it says nothing about my vaccum lines.

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09-07-2005, 02:15 PM
Its on the first page man, you don't need to bump-- just wait for someone who knows...or work that search button.

09-07-2005, 02:32 PM
its not on the 1st pagE I NEED HELP PLEASE

09-07-2005, 03:36 PM
Here is my write-up... It was on the first page... [;)] I am not 100% sure but I think the 12V 2.8 should be the same as the 30V...


09-07-2005, 04:14 PM
Seriously, do not bump a 15min old thread.

09-07-2005, 04:15 PM
relax fellas

09-07-2005, 05:16 PM
Originally posted by RippleChip
Seriously, do not bump a 15min old thread.

Oh no.... He needed to know right away since it only takes 20 minutes for the whole job and the day was only half over plus he could have done it some other day.... [rolleyes] [:D]

09-07-2005, 05:44 PM
Anyone have the info for the 1.8T's yet?

09-07-2005, 05:47 PM
Seeing as this thread is useless I am hijacking...

Pretty pissed right now - driving home at a stop light - with right blinker on. The car across the intersection is going straight. Light changes green and I start to turn. The guy BEHIND the guy across the intersection tries to take a speeding left turn (where I was going) with no blinker on. He almost hits me and slams on the brakes.
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What the fvck is wrong with people? He was blatantly in the wrong and went beserk like it was my fault. I think I handled it pretty well... but I don't like that he drives around like a pyschopath. Guys like that need to get cracked in the face with a baseball bat...

Ok.. feel better.

We were talking about vacuum lines for the N-th time?

09-07-2005, 05:59 PM
Originally posted by rowdysaudi1
Anyone have the info for the 1.8T's yet?

I would but the three people that said they would send me a picture, haven't....