View Full Version : Another Dyno Day at Bluewater

12-17-2014, 10:54 AM
Platinum Euro's, a local facebook group in Denver is being hosted by Bluewater Performance on January 17th for a dyno day. Spots are limited. The only requirement is that you are a part of the Platinum Euro group (if you're not yet a member, send us a friend request). I'm going to be collecting all the cash from everyone who wants to participate and when you stop by you'll get to choose what time (first come first serve) you want to do your dyno run. PM me if you'd like to participate. You get 3 pulls for 65 bucks. If you were looking to tune your car, (Stage 1,2,3 or custom) I work with SRM and Eurodyne so We can do before and after pulls (which will most likely cost more for extra dyno time being that uploading the file takes a little more time). Hope to see you there!!!