View Full Version : 1.8t clunking noise under load.

12-10-2014, 10:55 AM
Hi guys I've got an a4 with an aeb lump in. I bought it a while ago with no mot. Put it in and failed on brakes. Got them sorted and took the car for a rag as it had been sitting for a good couple of months. Under moderate to heavy load, I was getting a clunking noise coming from the engine bay and was jerking in time with the noise. It starts about 3k and really struggles to go through the Rev range. I kept my foot planted to the floor to see if something needed clearing out. In 3rd managed to get it to about 5.5k and the jerking and clunking smoothed out. It still does it and happens in every gear. Any help would really be appreciated.

12-10-2014, 11:19 AM
First of all welcome, love the slang, I read this in the best Norfolk accent I could muster. For anyone reading this not familiar with our friends across the atlantic, MOT refers to their car inspection. "Took it for a rag", love it.

Anyways, it sounds like the car could be misfiring. Does the check engine light flash when it starts to stumble? Does it still stumble if you go above 3k rpm but only at partial throttle? Do you have access to a scan tool to check for codes?