View Full Version : 12 Valve wiring diagram/ecu pin out

11-23-2014, 06:14 PM
Engines in a 96 A4 long story short I got this car off a buddy for next to nothing so decided to weld the diffs and build a rwd missile car. It was a big success so I then chopped and welded the knuckles also a success then that led to gutting the interior doing a tandem legal cage, pulling all the glass, stripping the harness down to the bare minimum and somewhere in between all of that something in the wiring is causing the injectors to not pulse and the engine to not crank.. I have gone through everything 10 times all necessary grounds are good cluster works but no ignition. Hoping to find a way to just go push button ignition and just delete all the stock ignition mess. Trying to avoid going meg squirt etc. because planning on doing a 4.2 swap later this winter just want to be able to beat on it in the mean time. Any help would be great. Thanks