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Race Shooter
09-28-2014, 05:32 PM
2004 Nogaro S4 Avant 6mt (http://www.panjo.com/buy/2004-nogaro-s4-avant-6mt-151029)

It kills me to do it, but I need to let go of my 2004 Nogaro S4 Avant. I LOVE this car, but its time for an upgrade and to let someone else enjoy this rare and wonderful beast. I purchased the car with 26k miles from a private party that had purchased it as a CPO car. So I'm third owner, but had it for 5/6 of its life.

2004 - 119,xxx miles
Nogaro Blue with blue Alcantara interior in very good shape. Drivers seat shows wear due to 10 years of daily driving, all other seats show minimal to no wear.
6mt, trans in great shape with no signs of any issues, clutch is original, but no signs of any slippage or issues
Engine in great shape w/Mobil 1 every 3-4k miles since I've owned it, still runs very strong, no signs of chain noise which are silent except the occasional under a second rattle on cold startup (done this since I've had it)
AWE resonated exhaust, has a great sound but not loud. I also have the original exhaust
RNS-E MMI and navigation unit installed using the factory antenna and factory wiring so it gets perfect reception in both sat radio and nav (no hack antenna sitting under the dash)
Huper Optik 40% ceramic tint all around. Super at keeping out the heat, but not so dark that it attracts the cops
Factory Audi wheels from a B7 titanium package w/ Conti Extreme Contact DW summer tires with plenty of tread left. Has factory Avus as spare and i have an extra Ti wheel as well.
Body and paint in very good above average shape for a daily driven car of this age. It has a few minor dings which should be able to be fixed with paintless repair and its share of rock chips. But overall, very solid and paint still shines great, though could be even better with a great detail.
All electronics work, all windows with auto up/down, sunroof, climate control with cold AC, power seats, defrost, cruise control, auto dimming rear view mirror, locks, etc.

In last 5-10k miles, it has new slotted rotors and Hawk HPS pads, new starter, new valve cover gaskets, power steering system gone through when a hose was replaced, left front CV boot (all other in good shape), front passenger window regulator, and has had new spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter and tune-up within last 1000 miles.

Anyway, car runs great and is in very good shape. Tracks straight, is quiet, has very minimal rattles or squeaks, mostly coming from the rear at the cargo cover I believe.

Asking $13,000 but willing to hear any offers if it seems unreasonable to anyone. I've done a little research and it seems fair, but as I said, let me know if you think its not and I'm very open to listen.

jsykes@skatequest.com or PM through here.

List Date: 9/29/2014
Location: Herndon, VA, United States

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Race Shooter
10-04-2014, 09:50 AM