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09-21-2014, 06:56 PM
I finally had a chance to use my RS5 on the track with the upgraded bits. I have brand new Michelin PSS 385/30/20 along side the front ECS rotors and XPS10/8 front/rear pads. I also use Motul 600 fluid. I was running the Austin Driverway track which is an extremely technical track that is 1.8 miles long. It was quite hot and VERY humid along with a semi wet track that dried out by my last set of laps. I also let a buddy of mine use my car in a set of beginner runs so the car was definitely getting warmed up along with all the parts.

Now for the verdict... I experienced no fade, no loss of feel and so far, visually, the rotors and pads look to be in great shape. In fact there were a few times where I really stomped on the brakes at over 100MPH and found that the brakes were holding better than the tires, I heard a slight skid, but nothing concerning. I never once felt fade and there seems to be ample pad material left at this point. I was also running with traction control off. This is a must unless you are a true beginner. The car is really heavy and when you start throwing it around the track, the traction control really tries to kick in causing a ton of pad/rotor wear.

All in all I thought the ECS/Carbotech combo was very good. I will upgrade to the Carbotech XPS12 in the front next time around, but so far so good. I am swapping out the pads this week fr street pads and will get a closer look at the rotors, if I see an issue I will post it. I am also running a bigger track in November, will post details from that one as well.

See my vid, attached, enjoy....

ECS Tuning-Audi
09-22-2014, 07:55 AM
Appreciate the feed back! Glad to hear you are enjoying the new rotor/pad combo!