View Full Version : Camp allroad 2015 event in CO Springs. Nationwide allroad/avant meet update...

09-04-2014, 09:14 PM
Yesterday we secured a Premier sponsor for the event, so the ball is rolling and rolling fast. Events are all being lined up and I must admit, I am super excited as to how it is looking for us all. We are trying to make it a family event, so bring your significant other and kids if you have them. By WE, I am referring to 5 allroad owners that just started making calls to try and get a bunch of us in a central location....then it snowballed, so we opened it up to all avants. No money is being made hereby anyone either, as every $ collected or donated is all going to the event and the amenities for it!

Track us on facebook at Camp allroad or twitter and instagram at Camp_allroad as more updates will be released soon and I am handling twitter and I post a lot of good stuff ( I think). What I ask is that everyone spread the word!!! Our goal here is to let AoA know that avants are still loved and still wanted in the US, and at the same time enjoy some great cars, people, food, music....and driving :)

Oh...and our first Premier sponsor is PHIL LONG AUDI or Colorado Springs! Huge THANKS to them!

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