View Full Version : FAQ: Light Switch not working - Electrical

08-10-2014, 07:04 PM
So I have a 99.5 yet its a preface kind.

So Im finding out that my light system is designed with OUT the relays system. HOWEVER, the wire thats giving a major headaches is the YELLOW black wire.
Apperantly its coming from the ignitions switch, its burning to shit at the light switch YET non at the ignition side. (if some could explain to me why)

FROM what I understand is that this melting POT (from the pictures that is) been caused by to much power going into that wire at the switch connector.. and it melted the "pin housing"

Did anybody else have this issue?

MY headlights are not working, I opened up the box in light switch, that medal cap. SO NOTHING is melting or corroding there.

NOTE: there is a write made in the other forums about "NEED TO install RELAYS to eliminate having burned out light switches. BUT something tells me this is NOT the case?

Are there any electrical Audi folks here, that SHED some light on this? SO WHAT is REALY going on here?

Thanks a bunch, ahead time.