View Full Version : Brake Booster? MC? Vacuum? ABS Aye yie yie

07-23-2014, 09:40 PM
I inherited my 01 Audi A4 1.8 T Manual while working in Houston.
I had a new-ish motor and front CV joint/boots put in her in Houston. The ABS light was on when I brought her into the shop but had no brake issues prior to the motor swap.

I drove her from Houston to Sedona to Huntington Beach then home to Washington.
Not long into the drive I press the brake and they felt like they were bumping to a stop. After that I pumped the brakes, down shifted and was prepared to E-brake stop if necessary. Then I start hearing a slight swoosh when pressing and releasing the brake pedal. If the engine is off I only hear the swoosh when releasing the brake pedal.
I take her into a shop somewhere middle of Texas and the mechanic thinks its the Brake booster and MC. Of course his fee to fix her was outrageous so I decided to continue on my way with caution and have her fixed when I get home.
Now back in Washington I have replaced the MC and Brake booster. Blench bled MC, reinstalled and bled all lines as Audi says to and still pedal goes straight to the floor and I still have that swooshing noise when pressing the pedal. I can also hear gurgles coming from the ABS pump but am not sure if that would really make an issue when bleeding the lines??

Yesterday I went into an all German wrecking yard and they happen to have a 2000 Audi A4, so I look under the hood and where the pedal and brake booster meet to see if I can find a discrepancy with my work. (Yes, I am very new to mechanics)
The only difference I can see is the brake booster on the one at the wrecking yard seems to have something "spongy" at the end of the boot over the brake booster rod and mine does not. Mine did not come with a spongy thing but did come with small holes around the end of the boot.
Could this be an issue? Am I meant to have a spongy thing in that boot?
Today I removed the MC, no issue, brake booster seems fine as well....Any thoughts??

Thank you,