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07-20-2014, 04:10 AM
Hi. I just drove 3300km from Stockholm to Alicante in Spain.
The day before I started to drive the fan for the ac stopped blowing. I turned off the car and started it again then it worked and nothing more happend.

After about 500km driving I spotted for some McDonald's and when I started the car I got a message that the battery was low but I checked the hidden menu and the battery showed 100% so I continued my drive.
After another 300km I checked the battery and now it showed 10% I got worried because I was boarding a ferry so I disconnected the mini fridge, phone charger and the extra fan for the dogs.
After the boat the battery stated to charge (I connected everything again to see if it was any of them that caused it but nothing happend.) . While driving thru Germany the fan stopped working again, the ac world's because when on the highway I got cold air I think because of the air pressure, but somehow it worked when standing still. And then in France while on a 40km long traffic chaos it wouldn't work at all not until I could get the speed up to 140km/h and after that I worked perfected again even while standing still.
I also think my thermometer is damaged I think it's showing the wrong outside temp... But I'm not sure yet.
Any ideas? [emoji22]

07-23-2014, 04:52 AM
Left it to a audi workshop and the results where change of battery and fan for the ventilation. Including an oil change it ended at 905euros