View Full Version : Bucking at wot/slow boost

07-14-2014, 08:07 PM
99.5, tuned by kompresd (stg1/16psi), bucks at wot and super slow boost. My car has no ass whatsoever until atleast 4k rpm. If i stomp it from a dead stop it literally crawls halfway across the intersection before hitting boost and taking off. When i first got the tune, i had to watvh it taking off or it would squeal tires. Now it wont even do it if i tried. Mind you im fwd/tip. I do not have a boost guage (ik,ik) and have limited availability to vag-com. I did log recently, everything was within spec. I have working coil packs, new plugs, and did a boost leak test today with no leaks. I had replaced the gasket from cat->turbo, at which time i inspected the flapper for the wastegate, which seemed to be in working order. Im running a forge 007 w green spring and 2 shims. I have also recently started hearing my turbo/dv alot more as well. No dentist drill sound, turbo sounds as it should. At this point, im leaning toward the n75, but without having a boost guage i dont think its wise to unhook the n75. Thoughts?

07-29-2014, 05:26 PM
Update, bought and installed boost gauge, hps TIP, misc vac lines and check valves replaced. Ive leak tested the system multiple times. Im not bucking anymore, and my boost is coming on a lot stronger. However, im only boosting to 10-12psi. No codes stored. Is it possible my n75 is going bad and not letting me boost to 16psi like i should? I have a ball and spring mbc, should i install that to see if my n75 is bad?