View Full Version : Tqs front hub removal, abs sensor?

07-11-2014, 02:49 PM
Go guys, I am in the middle of replacing all the front suspension arms and the top arm pinch bolts have sheared surprise surprise lol, and I need to remove the hubs in order to drill them out. Do I need to remove the abs sensor in order to withdraw the driveshaft from the hub? And do I need a special tool to separate the hub and shaft? I don't want to have to buy new abs sensors if I don't need to and I know removing them means destroying them! Thanks in advance guys, need to finish the job this weekend and it's fighting every step of the way

07-11-2014, 02:57 PM
The axle is 6 m8 or m10 bolts going to the diff and a single axle bolt going to the hub. There's a way to get the axle out without taking any control arms off the spindle, I've done it twice now on the same axle,don't ask. Just have to mess with it a bit and it slide right out. Take it out of the diff first. Also, you do not need to take the abs sensor out to remove the axle. Idk about changing the hub ... Haven't done that myself yet. And use A LOT of penetration oil with all those parts. Soak them over night if you can. Use more then you would ever think you would need. It makes messing with a ball joint go from 20 mins to 2 seconds!