View Full Version : Track Day Pads

RS5 Ruminator
07-04-2014, 09:54 AM
Debating on the various Carbotech XP pads... I went through stock front pads in 40 min on track. It's a 22 turn 3.5 mile track that I have many laps on (>60 days in other cars, so I am not a newbie to this; first outing in the RS5)... I don't want to tear up the rotors but I need to get pads that will survive 2.5 hours per track day. I will switch back to a street pad after the track day, something like Carbotech 1521s as the current fronts are at about 3 mm.

Suggestions from those who have experience? The rear stock pads still have plenty of life left in them. In this front weight-biased car I assume track pads in front and stock in the rear should work for now.