View Full Version : MetroDubs invades Adam's Polishes ONLY Colorado Detail Clinic of 2014!

05-20-2014, 08:14 AM

If you are looking for the best quality products to detail your pride and joy, then look no further. MetroDubs has teamed up with Adamís Polishes again to bring you the ONLY Colorado detail clinic hosted by Adamís Polishes and by Founder & President Adam Pitale.

We will start the clinic this Saturday (May 24) at 9:00am at the Louisville World Headquarters!

There will be all makes and models of cars and trucks there. Special day of clinic only discounts for anyone that comes and shows the attached flyer. No doubt there will be fun times and great products. Product that make people crazy!!


05-21-2014, 05:27 PM
Cool..I wanna make it even for a bit..I use a lot of adams products ..and know adam personally..he is a passionate individual...and he means what he says..when he lives breathes and eats his business...his products are made in the USA proudly and are meticulously developed tested and improved continuously...

adam puts his money where his mouth is....

he will always back his stuff 110 percent..cant ask for anymore than that

05-21-2014, 05:31 PM
tell adam i have his spray detailer and i use it half because of how good it smells.

05-28-2014, 05:59 AM
I went to most of this and had a lot of fun. It was nice being around people who are passionate about their cars. Adam is a great presenter, both knowledgeable and humorous.

That said, for a VW/Audi club-sponsored event, there were only a few VWs and two Audis (including mine). How am I going to be spotted if no one is there to see me? :-)
(Note, I did not find the owner of the S5.)

Things I learned/liked:
- Black cars get the attention at these shows. This is because they are a huge pain to take care of and show the most flaws (which can be fixed with Adam's products).
- Clay bars can take those little rust dots off your paint. He used my car as a demo... I was so impressed I washed my car and clayed the rear.
- There are some cool wheel-cleaning tools coming out. One is an alternative to wheel woolies, and the other is an improved version of their drill-mounted wheel scrubber thing. I want the woolies.
- I am now using the two-bucket method... already was using a grit-guard.
- Tire gel leaves a lot of crap on the tires... it was a great demo for his all-purpose cleaner.
- I am going to try to wash my engine bay when I wash my car... who knew.
- You can leave on soapy water, but not rinse-water, which will leave water spots. With Adam's soap (and probably others) the PH is neutral, so no spotting.