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05-16-2014, 11:17 AM
98.5 A4 1.8TQM modded, wrecked, for parts. k04 pc-16, H&R, BBK etc (http://www.panjo.com/buy/98-5-a4-1-8tqm-modded-wrecked-for-parts-k04-pc-16-hr-bbk-etc-64209)

I wrecked my baby, and have held onto her long enough. decided to try to sell her whole rather than pick her apart.

She was hit hard on the passenger side, and rolled onto the driver's side as a result. jaws of life to cut us out, so no body chance of rebuilding it.

It's a 1998.5 Audi A4 1.8T quattro, manual.
K04 with about 40K on it,
PC-16 ECU, 315cc injectors,
full FMIC setup using t-bolt clamps,
VR6 throttle body,
CAI with silicone TIP,
P&P gasket matched exhaust mani,
new timing belt/tensioner about 20k miles before the wreck,
Apexi SAFC neo fuel controller wired into the engine harness,
Full Milltek 2.75" exhaust with 034 3" test pipe,
330mm front brakes with less than 10k miles using C280 sport rotors and red coated 4 piston brembo's from a touareg(it has S4 front uprights, one is toast),
JHM hardware and SS lines,
rear adjustable sway bar,
front OMP strut brace,
H&R sport springs with bilstein adjustable rear and sport front shocks,
Hawk brake pads with less than 10K on them,
stock rear bumper had euro S4 style lip molded on and painted, .
Non xenon Ecodes the previous owner retrofitted with a d2s setup that have a few broken tabs and need to be refinished.
RS4 grille

Extra parts(take what you want):

99 1.8 FWD AUTO parts car no engine
Engine block
Exhaust mani
extra throttle bodies
Stock front bumper(s4 bumper was sold)
another Stock rear bumper
stock airbox
ac compressor


The engine was running beautifully until the wreck. I am an ASE expert tech that works at a dealership, so the car was maintained wonderfully and had oil changes every 3500 with mobil 1. The paramedics cut the battery cables, so I have not tried to anything with it.


The car has been sitting under a tarp for about a year while I decided what to do with it. It was raining the night of the wreck, so the interior had a thorough washing.

The seats were corbeau adjustable buckets, and they got beaten up, but the brackets with sliders may be ok.

Make me an offer, I can deliver on your dime or help load it.

List Date: 5/16/2014
Location: Columbia, SC, United States

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05-16-2014, 02:02 PM
very sad my friend but the important thing is everyone walked away from it. Wish you luck buddy