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05-07-2014, 10:55 PM
2004 A4 Ultrasport 6MT - S4 RECAROS - USP - 3.0 v6 (http://www.panjo.com/buy/2004-a4-ultrasport-6mt-s4-recaros-usp-3-0-v6-61848)

I will subtract $1000 if you want the stock A4 USP Black Leatherette seats instead of the Recaros.

Meetup/Shipping can be arranged depending on distance.

I have my 2004 A4 USP, Dolphin Grey 3.0 V6, 6-speed manual with 138k on the clock. Originally a Florida car, I bought this in late august from a dealership in Florida, drove it for a while, installed minty fresh black POWER AND HEATED b6/b7 S4 RECAROS - front and rear, did a bunch of preventative maintenance (see below) -- now it is time to move on up to an S4.

Maintenance within the last 10k miles:
Both valvecover gaskets
Timing belt/Tensioners/rollers/Waterpump replaced.
Front control arms replaced.
Tie rods + tie rod ends replaced.
Strut bushings replaced.
B5 lowering caps installed.
4x brand new Continental ExtremeContact DWS's.
Full Alignment.
Oil changed 1,000 miles ago.

I drove this car 10,000 miles around the country last month with ZERO issues. Literally 10,000 miles in 30 days and its been perfect. No issues at all and it cruises at 85mph smooth as silk.

The car does have slight damage on the front bumper, just the front lip area has a little dent in it. It never bothered me, and was there when I got the car. The rear bumper also has some damage. Not visible from more than 5-7 feet away. It looks like the bumper was backed into once causing some spider cracking to the paint.

The car does look really good, and cleans up very nicely. Not the fastest thing in the world, but a great daily driver for sure.

List Date: 5/8/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 2004 A4 Ultrasport 6MT - S4 RECAROS - USP - 3.0 v6 (http://www.panjo.com/buy/2004-a4-ultrasport-6mt-s4-recaros-usp-3-0-v6-61848)
This item is no longer available.

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bump for a good dude.