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05-02-2014, 09:39 AM
2000 B5 Imola Yellow S4- K04 turbos, Milltek exhaust, Stg 3 clutch, H&R coilovers, etc etc etc! (http://www.panjo.com/buy/2000-b5-imola-yellow-s4-k04-turbos-milltek-exhaust-stg-3-clutch-hr-coilovers-etc-etc-etc-58096)

-Clean Title in my name, notarized, no bullshit or sketchiness.
-6 Speed Manual, twin turbo 90-degree iron block v6 with aluminum heads and four-bolt mains. Fantastic engine, one of my favorite engines of all time, and I've had a few.
-Brand new Kevlar clutch.
-Just rolled 130k miles.
-Fantastic condition on Anthracite Black genuine leather interior, better than the vast majority of cars its age, and the best condition b5 s4 interior I have ever seen.
-Meticulously maintained. Runs flawlessly.
-Comfortable and great mpg (25hwy, 18 city) and my daily driver.
-All-time 4wd Quattro with Torsen differential.
-Incredibly ridiculously quick car, and an absolute revelation on mountain roads. You cannot truly appreciate how fun it is to drive until you drive it on a mountain road and open it up.

Some additions it has:
-Jfonz "Stage 3 minus" tune, only necessary additions for full-fledged stage 3 are injectors and MAF. Already has every single other thing for full stage 3. Puts down about 400AWHP as it sits.
-As aforementioned, brand new FX300 Kevlar clutch and pressure plate from ECS tuning. Have pictures of before it went in.
-Full timing belt service with every valve, hose, gasket, and seal you can think of including valve cover gaskets, cam gaskets, coolant pump, etc etc etc all replaced, cost over $2,100. Like I said, the car has been maintained.
-Genuine BORG WARNER K04 TWIN TURBOCHARGERS, exact turbo as Audi's RS4, sourced from ECS tuning and fully professionally installed. Have receipt for over $3,000 for these alone.
-Milltek downpipes, WITH catalytic converters and oxygen sensors (smog legal system), ceramic coated black. These are $1,700 downpipes, for which I also have the receipt. The finest exhaust you can buy for this car. The full exhaust system, diverter valves, and labor cost $4,000.
-B&B catback exhaust ($800) have receipt. Absolutely beautiful look and sound.
-H & R Performance Street COILOVERS, were over $1,500 new. German made coilovers, no Japanese garbage, handle and drive great.
-EVOMS (Evolution Motorsports) cold air intake with receipt.
-EVOMS billet aluminum diverter valves (sound subtle, but mean).
-Every gasket in exhaust is new. Car sounds like a sophisticated beast when opened up, but is quiet cruising.
-5 Bar Adjustable FPR
-Evolution Raceworks Side mount intercoolers ($1,400)
-4 Newer Yokohama YK580 tires on stock Avus snowflake rims.
-Brand new motor mounts
-New transmission mounts
-New fuel pump (have receipts for all of this)
-Weighted shift knob.
-New front axles.
-Comes with auxiliary cable for iPod.
-Professional window tint from Safelite Auto glass.
-Every single suspension link in the front of the car is new, the rear links are in perfect condition.
-Brand new stainless steel braided brake lines front with full brake bleed F+R
-Brand new USP motorsports metal slave cylinder conversion with braided stainless steel clutch line. Say goodbye to slave cylinder or shift problems.
-Updated 1-2 shift collar when transmission was out.
-New Brake pads + rotors.
-RS4 grille and bumper mod. Looks mean.
-New bi-xenon bulbs.
-LED license plate lights (looks clean)
-Center Vent mounted boost gauge (AC still works thru center vents)
-BOSE stereo.
-Car is good to go, drives like a dream.
-As you can see, every single problem item (namely turbos and timing belt) has been taken care of already. Really wish I didn't absolutely have to sell this car.

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff.

Some not-so-good stuff:
-Clear coat on front bumper is flaking. Needs a re-spray, just the front bumper. All other paint is perfect. Just never got around to getting it resprayed.

Call or text (408)826-273five.

List Date: 5/2/2014
Location: Tucson, AZ, United States

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http://imagecdn2.panjo.com/images/a4582453-93a2-4e90-9efd-061aa2f1b0f42.jpg (http://www.panjo.com/buy/2000-b5-imola-yellow-s4-k04-turbos-milltek-exhaust-stg-3-clutch-hr-coilovers-etc-etc-etc-58096)

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Beautiful car...glws