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2007 Audi A4 2.0T S-Line 6 Speed w/ Titanium & Cold Weather Packages - RS4 Body Kit Carbon Fiber (http://www.panjo.com/buy/2007-audi-a4-2-0t-s-line-6-speed-w-titanium-cold-weather-packages-rs4-body-kit-carbon-fiber-37670)

I am parting with my 2007 Audi A4 2.0 Turbo Quattro S-line. This has been a great vehicle for me for 4 years I am the second owner and have taken great care of this car every step of the way. I have kept up with Oil changes and routine maintenance religiously. I am more than happy to provide mechanic references for those places I've used over the years. The vehicle is still covered under a limited parts warranty until 120K Miles

2007 Audi A4 S-Line has 114K Miles a 6-Speed Manual transmission Titanium and Winter Packages. I even have the original dealer sticker when this car retailed for $38K. The car has pristine black leather interior with Bluetooth, Voice activated controls, sunroof, Audi Symphony system w/ 6 disc changer and 6" Subwoofer, Dual Climate control, Full size spare tire and auto dimming mirrors.

It's been a great car in the snow, on the highway and continues to stay very strong on gas mileage getting over 30MPG on the highway as my daily driver. I have also made over $5,000 worth of modifications to the car while I've owned it:

RS4 Body Kit
Carbon Fiber Trunk and customer LED Tail Lights
S6 LED Lights
APR Performance Tuning Chip
Custom painted black roof
Tinted Windows
FORGE: Atmospheric Blow Off Valve Spacer
Hardwood Flooring in trunk (I have original carpeting as well)

Recent Maintenance
4 New Fuel Factory Bosch Injection (<5K miles)
Brand new ECS Tuning PCV Emissions Service Kit (<2K Miles)
4 New High Performance/Low Dust Brakes and Rotors (<5K miles)
4 High performance all season tires (<15K Miles)

Areas for Improvement
3" Scratch on Door trim (Damage received in parking lot by another vehicle who drove off)
Check Engine Light is on (Taken to Fluid Motor Union who could not identify a known issue, when they clear the code it stays off about 100 miles then turns back on) I drove to St. Louis from Chicago last weekend and would do it again without hesitation, she drive perfectly fine.
Front Bumper out of alignment with 3" crack (backed up from a parking bumped and it grabbed the lip of the front end, and broke a few clips and cracking slightly)

The Kelly Blue Book value is $10,300 - $9,600 and I have over $5,000 invested in modifications. I'm not trying to get all of that back, but the modifications are worth the extra money to the right person. This has been a great car for me and I am in no rush to sell, please feel free to call me anytime to setup a time to test drive and take a look!
Naperville, IL

List Date: 2/4/2014
Location: Naperville, IL, United States

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 2007 Audi A4 2.0T S-Line 6 Speed w/ Titanium & Cold Weather Packages - RS4 Body Kit Carbon Fiber (http://www.panjo.com/buy/2007-audi-a4-2-0t-s-line-6-speed-w-titanium-cold-weather-packages-rs4-body-kit-carbon-fiber-37670)
This item is no longer available.

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http://imagecdn2.panjo.com/images/d88b41f6-146c-417e-b2ea-bca2892167a62.jpg (http://www.panjo.com/buy/2007-audi-a4-2-0t-s-line-6-speed-w-titanium-cold-weather-packages-rs4-body-kit-carbon-fiber-37670)

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