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The Integrated Engineering 1.8T longitudinal intake manifold was carefully designed to retain all of your factory components while delivering industry leading performance. Through extensive research and development, this intake manifold fits both 058 and 06A longitudinal engine bays. Unlike other manifolds on the market, the IE 1.8T longitudinal intake manifold does not require you to modify any portion of the cooling/fueling system, PCV sensors, or brake booster lines. Both large and small port options are available as well as multiple throttle body size options. Each manifold is cast, machined, inspected and packed all in the USA by a major OE supplier. The manifolds are cast from a special self aging, self hardening alloy with especially strict requirements for chemical composition. Top of the line Japanese machining centers machine all major surfaces of the parts in one setup, ensuring perfect fit, finish, and maximum value.




The benefits of a performance intake manifold
A factory manifold is designed to channel air into the engine sufficiently well to meet the original horsepower targets, while being cost effective and quick and easy to install. This compromise means that there is room for significant improvement on many VW/Audi models. Our performance manifolds are designed from the bottom up to put performance first. They exploit careful tuning of the intake manifold runner lengths and diameters to create a resonance effect which rams more air into the cylinders. Each plenum and runner is carefully optimized with computer software for maximum flow in the specific application that it was designed for. The largest power gains will be seen on setups using a GT28-30R/EFR 6255 or larger turbos, however due to the unique plenum and runner design even aggressive K04+ sized turbos will see gains throughout the RPM range. The pictured power graph is the final testing performed on a 2.0L stroker engine at only 12 psi boost level. As you can see, this manifold shows excellent power gains through the entire RPM range with zero sacrifice with maximum gains of 80 HP on our low boost engine dyno setup.


The IE advantage
Our plenum design has been generously sized and shaped to optimize and distribute airflow evenly to all 4 cylinders. A plenum design is only as good as the runners attached to it, so we carefully tune the intake manifold runner lengths and diameters. Dramatic power and torque increases come from making small changes to the runner design. CFD software is also used to research and develop an optimized velocity stack (bellmouth) design. Our engineers are equipped to research and test many designs. They found this manifold performs very well when used with a specific bellmouth shape that is flush with the plenum floor. To read more about the development of this intake manifold - click here (http://www.performancebyie.com/blog/integrated-engineering-1-8t-longitudinal-intake-manifold-production-teaser/)


Chassis fitment
Not only does our manifold perform with the best performance gains available, but installs with very little modification. All OE cooling, fueling, and emissions systems are retained with our intake manifold. Installing into any engine bay setup will be as easy as extending a few vacuum lines with included hardware. The larger plenum does move the location of the throttle body, but most aftermarket intercooler setups should not be difficult to setup. All gaskets and hardware necessary to install (minus throttle body) are included.





Throttle Body
We have multiple throttle body flange options available for the intake manifold. Each manifold flange is directly machined for the chosen throttle body at no additional cost. This not only gives better flow properties, but also eliminates the need for pricey adapter flanges.
Available options for drive by wire vehicles (all B6 and late B5):
Stock 60mm
B5 S4 70mm
Hemi 80mm (available from IE here (http://www.performancebyie.com/oe-80mm-hemi-throttle-body-plug-and-play-for-1-8t-s4))

For early B5 AEB drive by cable throttle bodies, you must choose 60mm AEB flange. This option includes necessary hardware and brackets to install the throttle body cable to the intake manifold at no additional cost.
Note: We understand there are AEB customers who may be running or want to run the VR6 OBDII drive by cable throttle bodies, please PM me if you would like to purchase this flange. If there is enough interest our engineers will produce this option and include it in the pre-sale.

Finish options
As with all of our intake manifolds, the 1.8T longitudinal intake manifold will be offered in two options.
Raw finish - This option is the raw casting. Our intake manifolds are cast in USA from the highest quality self hardening aluminum alloy and has a very attractive finish that will not oxidize or rust. However, the raw casting will take on dirt and finger prints easy and be more difficult to clean than a powdercoated manifold.
Black powder finish - The black powdercoated finish is a semi-gloss beautiful option that contrasts very well against the IE logo plate and machined surfaces. The powdercoat also is very easy to clean for a long lasting visually appealing look. Black powdercoat finish is available for an additional 75.00



All longitudinal 1.8T engines including:
Audi 1996 - 2002 B5 A4 1.8T
Audi 2003 - 2005 B6 A4 1.8T
VW 1999 - 2005 B5 Passat 1.8T

Small port & large port
The intake manifold is available for both small port and large port engines. Early B5 AEB engine codes or any 058/06A with a AEB large port installed will require the IEIMVA2 large port intake manifold. All non-AEB engine codes will require the IEIMVA3 small port intake manifold.

The intake manifolds are currently in production, this is a time consuming process. The casting and machining process is due to wrap up with manifolds expected out for deliver in mid-late July. Only a limited number of intake manifolds are available at the discounted pre-sale price! Reserve yours while you can, these will never be available at this discounted rate again! All manifolds sold during the pre-sale will ship out directly after the final manifolds are finished and pass our strict quality control process.

To reserve your IEIMVA2 large port intake manifold - click here (http://www.performancebyie.com/ie-1-8t-longitudinal-intake-manifold-large-port)

To Reserve your IEIMVA3 small port intake manifold - click here (http://www.performancebyie.com/ie-1-8t-longitudinal-intake-manifold-small-port)

Please feel free to post any questions!

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Thanks for all the orders guys! These are selling quicker than I thought! [up]

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waiting on my tax return then it will be added to my cart!

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waiting on my tax return then it will be added to my cart!

Perfect timing! Thanks.

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Alright guys, I received a lot of interest in the VR6 TB option, so here you go:


Longitudinal 1.8T intake manifolds are now available for the pre-sale with the option for a VR6 OBD2 DBC throttle body flange. This option includes necessary brackets and hardware to install the throttle body. Available here (http://www.performancebyie.com/ie-1-8t-longitudinal-intake-manifold-large-port)