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03-05-2014, 11:56 AM
So I picked up a 98 Quattro 1.8 off craigslist a couple weeks ago. Never own an Audi before or anything with a turbo either. I paid 1500 bucks for it, mainly because there was zero rust and was all wheel drive(snow car). it is our daily driver even though we don't go out much. There are some obvious things that need to been taken care of maintenance wise, I just don't know where to start or what is most critical to keep it from blowing up in my face if its not fixed right away. The previous previous owner has done mods and such to it just not sure to what level or skill.

Here is the quick rundown on it. Where should I start? Whats most crucial?

Has 174k miles
oil looks great, no sludge
already changed thermostat. was stuck open so stayed cold.
APR chip. no way to confirm this
Cold air intake
Performance clutch
Head and tail lights changed?
magnaflow exhaust
Check engine light on
Airbag light on
Boost gauge flutters at around 17-18ish
timing belt change 25k miles ago
left front suspension rebuilt recently
Have most the parts for right front from CXRacing, need installed cause of knocking noise
Right rear bearing sounding kinda rough. will fix myself no biggy.

That's about it other than the turbo flutter that I will make an audio/video in a separate post. I know nothing about turbos.

Any suggestions on where to start would be great. I want to avoid something expensive blowing up.

Thanks a bunch

03-05-2014, 12:19 PM
Well a super big thing on the 1.8 is oil sludge (Which you said there isn't), and on the A4's in general the timing belt. Which you said was replaced 25k ago.

You say you have a knocking on the front right, get that axle/cv joint replaced asap, I got stranded recently because my CV Joint blew up after like a week and a half of knocking sounds from my drivers cv joint.

As for turbo related potential issues, I don't own a 1.8 so I can't help you there.

Air bag light is usually a connector underneath the seats, do a quick search and you should find tons of information on diagnosing and fixing that.

Else check fluids etc, basic new used car maintenance, I believe that's really it because any potential turbo issues that I have no experience with so other people can chime in on that.

03-05-2014, 12:23 PM
Turbo flutter...meaning it makes a sound while under boost? or when you release your accelerator it makes a fluttering sound. The latter would be indicative of a bad Diverter Valve which recirculates boost pressure back into the turbo inlet pipe when releasing the accelerator. My aftermarket DV flutters to some extent under partial throttle release. Doesn't sound like the car is in horribly sorry shape though! Ryanic stated great solutions for those error lights. I wouldn't delay on fixing that CV.

03-05-2014, 12:46 PM
Thanks y'all.

You say you have a knocking on the front right, get that axle/cv joint replaced asapIt is not a loud knock, more of a rattle when going down a bumpy road. It's loose sounding, kinda. Hard to explain. I was going to install the control arms n stuff I have but another forum told me not to cause they are junk and wouldn't last a year. The car came with a box of brand new parts in the trunk from cxracing.com. I can't afford the high end stuff and would like to use what I have. But if I shouldn't, is there a mid grade brand that I can use instead?

Turbo flutter...meaning it makes a sound while under boost? or when you release your accelerator it makes a fluttering sound.It does it when I max out the turbo I think and then let off the gas. It doesn't sound like the flutter I see on youtube. It has the same sound pattern but a different tone. It's more of a rat..tat..tat vs a woof..woof..woof like all the videos I see. Again, hard to explain. it doesn't sound like something bad to me. But I don't know what it should sound like. I am gonna make a video of it here in a little bit.

Edit: I just ran it down the road and the more I hear it the more it sounds like flutter after i let off the gas.

03-05-2014, 04:28 PM
I'd still check your CV boots if I were you. Mine were completely in half at around 140k. If they've never been replaced I bet they're ripped or in half as well, in which case fix it asap.