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02-27-2014, 12:01 PM
2001 EPL Stage 3 S4 (http://www.panjo.com/buy/2001-epl-stage-3-s4-36273)

Im selling my 2001 s4 to move on to another truck. This is a well sorted, strong running EPL Stage 3 car with less than 10k miles on all mods. 409whp @22-psi. No expense was spared in what I consider the perfectly built reliable street s4. The car itself has 126,xxx miles. I am located in Bucks County PA.

The Good:
EPL Stage 3 Custom Tune & Fueling
Techtonics Downpipes and 2.5" True Dual Catback
EVOMS Open Air Intake
RS4 K04 Twin Turbos
Evolution Racewerks Intercoolers
034 Motorsports Coil Conversion with 2.0T Coils and NGK BKR7EIX (Coils and plugs have under 100 miles.)
Forge Diverter Valves
Always used Motul oil and over sized Mann oil filters.
OEM RS4 Clutch Setup
Alcon Mono6 328mm Front BBK and 298mm Rear with Motul Fluid (Less than 8k on brakes.)
Penske Coilovers with Reservoirs
Neuspeed Sway Bars
034Motorsport Adjustable Upper Control Arms
AWE Transmission/Drivetrain Stabilizer Bar
Apikol Rear Diff Mount
Billet Rear Crossmember
JHM Short Shifter & OEM RS4 Knob
Samco Silicone Hose Kit
17" Audi BBS RC with Contisport tires
RS4 Grille
AWE Boost Gauge
Black Leather
Working LCD Screen
Carbon Fiber Trim

The Bad:
Typical paint for a 120k mile car.
Dent on driver side door next to handle about the side of a thumb nail.
Side mirror glass is starting to show its age.
Speakers should be replaced.

List Date: 2/13/2014

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