View Full Version : 97 audi a4 quattro 2.7L oil sender location?

02-15-2014, 09:10 AM
I saw there was a write up for this but the picture was missing. i also saw there was one for the 1.8t but idk if it would be in the same place and the diagram was so zoomed in it didnt really help me.

a long time ago i hit my oil pan on a speed bump and got a good gash in it. patched with jb weld and it held for a year, patched with jb weld again and it held for a year. had my oil light come on and i thought it was finally time to buy a new oil pan. replaced the pan, and lower gasket, oil filter, checked for sludge, was none but there was some metal in my pan :(
anyways 5 days later and the oil lights come on 3 times now. each time after making a right turn. checked the oil and im about half a quart low. there is oil all over the place from when I was leaking before so it's hard to tell if i have any new leaks. i have 220,000 miles on this beast so who knows what might be bad. I quit my job to go back to college so spending a lot of money isnt really an option right now.