View Full Version : Car won't start?

02-10-2014, 06:38 AM
Yesterday I drove my car for 25mins and then I shut it off then 5min later I went to go start it up and It wouldn't start. The car turns overs. I looked underneath the hood and there was no anti freeze in the reservoir. So I put more anti freeze in the car and it filled up to the mim line. Then I closed the hood and went inside for 5min again and came back out there was no anti freeze in there. There was nothing on the ground so I don't know where all of it went? Should I keep filling it up untill it stays in the reservoir or what should I do? Also I got my car checked out a few days ago to see if anything is wrong with it and there was nothing wrong. I just changed my Water pump, timing belt, battery, and alternator two months ago.