View Full Version : fuel gauge woes

02-04-2014, 05:58 PM
so the fuel gauge on my audi literally follows the gas pedal. if i get into boost it drops down almost a quarter tank, and when i get out of boost, it rises a quarter tank. all this happens pretty quick too, less than 60 seconds. this is getting really annoying and makes it hard to plan trips. iv done research and the only time iv seen where the gauge goes wonky is when the ring in the tranny goes and that messes with spedo as well and mine is fine. i have recently gotten a code for a failing CAT or secondary o2 sensor and that was when the gauge problem got worse. i have the parts on order to fix the o2 problem but do you think these are related? has anyone experienced this before? i am thinking the sending unit but when those fail they stop working completely. i can take a video also if it helps. its really annoying.[headbang]