View Full Version : Friends B5 2.8

02-01-2014, 05:30 PM
I am posting to help a friend who has a 97 2.8 who slid into a curb a couple days ago and screwed up his front suspension but thats not the main issue I am posting. The car is still driveable, he drove it home after the incident, but he hasn't driven it since. He went to go out, and start it on a day it was around -30F here to take it to the shop to get worked on and it started up but sounded like it was only running on a couple cylinders, no dummy lights on the dash though. He let it warm up a bit and then started to drive, about a block down the road it shut off and wouldn't start back up.

We have checked for codes and there are none, the battery and it is fine, we have checked the spark plugs and replaced those still nothing. He just replaced the CPS so we are going to rule that out. The next steps are maybe the starter, or ignition coils. I'm a B6 1.8T owner and don't know much about the 2.8s so any help would be great!