View Full Version : need a guru!!! 6 speed no first or second gear

10-04-2013, 09:00 AM
The title says it all, i was driving and i went to shift into third and it grinded so i put it into neutral then try third again. It grinded again and it felt weird, i could only shift into first and sixth. so i was driving in 6th to get home and all of a sudden everything worked except first and second. every gear goes in fine and shifts fine. brake fluid is full, my clutch is fairly new and has never slipped. i read a couple other posts from someone saying its my shift linkage but i went under the car and had my friend shift into every gear to see the moment and everything seemed in tacked. The guy on the other forum says its the rod going north to south but there is no rod going north to south, only west to east. im thinking that its just worn down and not lining up. i just need someone to confirm this before i drop the sub frame to see it. Meaning pulling motor with trans intact just pulling edu with it so its super easy to put back together. Or is there an easier way?

Thanks for the help