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09-01-2013, 01:11 PM
For sale is my 2000 Audi S4 6 Speed Vast Stage 3- 175k miles, price is 8500, can be seen or picked up in Lake Placid, NY or Brooklyn, NY depending on where I am. Also willing to meet people in CT or VT if I have time.

title in hand

The good
K04/K16's from VAST performance with ARD inlet pipes. Less then a 2 year old.
New Gaskets valve covers and cam adjusters
New coil packs maybe 2 years old
New diverter valves
New N75 valve
Newer tires 60% tread left
New Alternator 4 months old
New Battery 4 months old
New Starter 8/14
AC Recharge 8/14
New Rotors Rear Calipers and Hawk Pads all around at 170k
New front suspension all 12 pieces 2 years old
Brand new headlights wit new ballasts and bulbs less then 6 months old
Converted to a hitachi MAF from a Bosch at time of turbos
Upgraded Fuel pump from VAST also done at time of turbos
Rear wheel bearings 2 year old
Tuning from VAST performance w a 5bar fpr
Turbos have never been boosted over 15psi since the car doesn't have bigger injectors to match them.
Vast Snub mount 2 year old
Stern Motor Mounts 2 year old
Vast ported and ceramic coated manifolds
ABS module replaced 2 year ago
Rear 02's deleted no engine lights, abs, brake or anything on in the dash.
2.5 inch downpipes and custom exhaust from turbo back sounds good but not loud at all.
Im sure theres more I cant think of
Glowshift boost gauge mounted like a AWE in center gauge

It does need the new center bearing for the drive shaft(typical issue) vibrates and makes noise under hard acceleration. I purchased it this way and it has never bothered me enough to replace. Other then that the car mechanically runs great I have never had it die on me or leave me stranded anywhere for any reason. I use this as my daily driver without a second thought. Car could benefit from a polish or sand and respray(to look perfect), after all it's 13+ year old car and city parking. It also needs a new hood, still latches closed, has a small tow hook dent pictured. On to the interior airbag light is on, 150$ part, or it may have just gotten loosened under seat during a cleaning. There is a rip in the passenger side seat bottom, can be replaced with a seat bottom cover from any B5 S4. Sunroof pops up but wont retract, I think something is blocking the track but haven't had the time to take the headliner off. The rear view mirror and passenger side mirror are dim(fluid drain). Again these are those typical things on these cars that didn't bother me enough to hunt down/replace.

Overall it's a very reliable, fun, and sharp looking car. I've owned a dozen or so Audi's, three S cars, this being my second B5 S4 and this has been the most reliable of the bunch. With the car will come whatever other Audi bit's I have laying around for her, newish ngk spark plugs, extra cluster, control arm, etc.

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it says the flickr link "page not found"

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it says the flickr link "page not found"

Here you go http://flickr.com/gp/smusicimage/Va2M2q/