View Full Version : B5 2.8 Quattro won't start after head rebuild

08-17-2013, 11:50 AM
hi guys I'm new to this forum and been looking over old forums regarding my problem...I have a b5 2.8 v6 Quattro bought off my mate over a year ago off side cylinder head gasket was on its way out it was starting to overheat and a compression test was done cylinder 4 was lower than the rest of cylinders so after buying the car I started ripping it to bits gave the heads to a friend of mine to give both heads a quick going over valves base of head etc were fine no cracks etc now I didn't do a make over on heads as car only done 80,000 mls full service history so less money for me to put out the better so long heads were fine anyway went to audi ordered new gaskets head exhaust air intake oils seals for injectors everything basically needed for the heads and slowly started rebuild the car all so good so far everything built up checked everything over new timing belt kit spark plugs filters etc car now won't start bare in mind before I stripped it car started perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!checked plugs all wet of fuel all sparking from coils to leads what I'm hearing is when turn ignition on I'm hearing a faint horn noise coming from throttle housing lasts a few minutes then goes off then some beeping noise comes on from inside car from dashboard then stops then oil light comes on!!!!!car will crank just won't start so guys any idea what causing these beeping noises as weren't there before could this be causing the car not starting???reading over old forums people saying crank sensors cam sensor throttle housing etc just dont understand as car started before lol am confused as hell and can't think of anything else if any one can offer advice be great

08-17-2013, 01:58 PM
Rite after walking away from the car to re-think over everything stupid here didn't plug the air flow meter after a few tries car started and ticks over perfectly although still have the problem of the faint horn noise coming from the throttle body few minutes it clicks then beeping happens inside the car on the dash so that my only problem with car now if anyone's had same experience or knows what's going be good to hear from you all cheers